We track prominent news on a daily basis

  • 30 Financial news sources
  • 10 Daily news sources

Abstractive summarization of the news

We present an Abstractive summarization of the news . So you don’t have to bother with any copyright issue

We track entities in everyday media

  • 10K organizations
  • 50K individuals

Media Monitoring

  • We are monitoring in Financial news domain
  • 500 Swedish companies


Explore the trend

Here you can explore the trend by day for your product or brand. You can explore the trends of popularity for an individual person in a given time. You can monitor the significance of your organization over the market for a month or year. You can also monitor your competitors' trends compared to yours. This trend is constructed by the mentions and significance of individual objects in top news sites, portals and blogs of individual language.

Trend analysis over time

If you need to compare the popularity of two individual brands or products over a period of time LotusField trend analytics is the best place for you. Select the timespan and select the products you want to monitor - that’s it - you get a comprehensive line chart showing the comparison.

Fact check with search engine

Sometimes you need to explore the factual explanation for your product or brand’s popularity, sometimes you need to investigate the rise of a unicorn. LotusField search tool is the best solution for you in these cases. All you need to do is search for a name - you get the stories, the distribution of stories over a period of time and all other related significant names highlighted for your investigation.